Montessori Clarity

Taking Montessori Record Keeping to a New Level of Clarity

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Thank you for visiting Montessori Clarity. If you are looking for computerized system to help your montessori school with record keeping and administration you are in the right place.

It takes only 5 minutes a day for a teacher to enter all records necessary to maintain an individualized approach in the montessori classroom. (1)

Analytical screens provide analysis at a glance in a form of visual charts. Analytics in Montessori Clarity allows seeing each child or the class as a whole. (2) (3)

Montessori teachers' opinion
Our teaching world has been made a lot easier with the Montessori Clarity computer program! We have been using it in our classroom since August, and we feel it greatly enhances and supports our learning environment. We are able to execute our planning and tracking quickly and easily. Montessori Clarity is very user-friendly and we recommend it to teachers of any grade level.

Montessori Clarity is a subscription service designed specifically for montessori schools. It helps with a school administration and provides montessori record keeping at its best.


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