Montessori Clarity

Taking Montessori Record Keeping to a New Level of Clarity

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Observation is an integral and continual part of montessori education. It is a tool that is used by the teacher to follow the child and help the child to work towards his/her inner needs. The teacherís goal of observation is to learn about the child from a scientific and objective perspective.

Recording observation was one of the most daunting tasks for a montessori teacher. Montessori Clarity makes it a breeze (2). One of the unique and most useful tools of Montessori Clarity are Analytics. Analytics display records as charts and graphs which allows the teacher to analyze class (3) and a child (4) as a whole.

Analytics can answer many questions in an objective and precise manner. Which materials are being used and which ones haven't been used in a long while? Is a child avoiding a particular area and why? Has the class normalized? If not, why not? What are the main childís areas of interest? What is best way to bring child into the next lesson?

Montessori teachers' opinion
The Analytics are a wonderful tool that we have not had in the past which can give us information about a particular student within a minuteís glance.This information includes what subjects the child is spending the majority of his/her time with, what areas he/she needs to focus on, and what is being accomplished on a weekly and daily basis.

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