Montessori Clarity

Taking Montessori Record Keeping to a New Level of Clarity

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Montessori record keeping can be an overwhelming task for a montessori teacher, but crucial element in a Montessori classroom. Montessori Clarity makes it easy to give each child an individual approach.
All class records are created and displayed on the records screen.
  • (1) - Class planned lessons.
  • (2) - Class presented lessons.
  • (3) - Class subject lessons.
  • (4) - Class attendance and daily records.
  • (5) - Student presented lessons.
Teacher can use records screen printed reports.
  • (6) - Class planned lessons report.
  • (7) - Class presented lessons report.
It takes only 2 clicks to create any record. Additional information such as comments and qualifiers can be added to any record.
  • (8) - Academic records screen demo.
  • (9) - Daily records screen demo.

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