Montessori Clarity

Taking Montessori Record Keeping to a New Level of Clarity

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10 years ago my daughter attended casa at a recently opened Montessori school. At that time I knew very little about the Montessori Method of education. My wife researched different options. She told me that Montessori school is unlike other schools helps a child to develop as a whole in all aspects. It seemed like an obvious choice.
Our montessori journey had begun. As time passed our involvement in the school grew. One of the principals that I was introduced to really captivated me, “Follow the Child.”
Follow the child principal requires three steps:
  1. Child is being objectively observed and observations are recorded.
  2. Observations are analyzed.
  3. Further planning takes place.
In order to follow the child, Montessori teacher has to be an artist and a martial artist at that. One who observes and finds creative solutions like an artist, and a martial artist who has self control not to react, but to respond to child’s needs. My wife has education in fine arts and she was inspired by our daughter and the Montessori approach to become a Montessori teacher. Our house was filled with folders, books and Montessori materials. Montessori became the biggest part of our life.
It took my wife more than an hour every day to do records, analysis, and lesson planning, all on paper. After half a year her records binder was so large and heavy that it was a challenge for her to carry it back and forth. Being a software developer for the last 20 years I've decided to help my wife with her paper work by developing a computer system. It took 2 years and many different versions until Montessori Clarity came to life. Montessori Clarity become useful not only to my wife but also to many others in their quest for providing great education that Maria Montessori started.

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